everyBODIES Education is a resource for photographers wanting to help empower their clients and showcase the reality that EVERY body is a boudy body!

All bodies are worthy of being photographed, but up until the last 5 years you wouldn’t know it.  The stories of marginalized people have been written by society to paint an incorrect image as to what these bodies are A)capable of and B)worthy of.  As photographers, we have the ability to make or break a person’s confidence and help them see their beauty and help them feel confident in their skin. But if we aren’t confident in our abilities or we place our own insecurities on our clients, we aren’t helping anyone, including ourselves.

As of 2018, Teri took over Confident Curves and renamed it everyBODIES education with a mission to empower as many people as possible, aiming to diversify ALL bodies that we see, not just the female form.   Upon realizing that as one photographer she was only able to photograph approximately 150 women a year, she knew she could not do this alone.  Turning Confident Curves into an amazing resource, but also fantastic community with a core mission of body positivity and recognition, Teri has created a variety of posing resources (check out the shop!), empowering wardrobe, and workshops to inspire and encourage other photographers to help promote a healthier body image with their clients.  In addition, Teri has reached out to other advocates who are passionate about their own areas of specialty in diversifying bodies in the photography industry, to provide their expertise and experience for a more well-rounded education site.

If we see it, we can believe it.
By showcasing a variety of body types, shapes, and colors on your website, you will let potential clients know that their body is perfect and worthy of being photographed.

“I have had the opportunity to meet with Teri twice. First time at Confident Curves in Florida. I learned so much that when the opportunity came for Teri Ledgerwood to come to my studio and do a Body Image workshop for my clients, I jumped. It was the best thing and they all still talk about how great it was. I also had Teri do my first full boudoir session and that is something EVERYONE should absolutely do. You learn so much about not only yourself, but also things to use and say to your own clients. Teri is seriously the best in the industry! You feel the genuine sense of compassion she has for everything she believes in. How she is working so hard to change how people view bodies. She is so humble and a very strong influence in this community of boudoir photographers.”

~Nicole Rubino~