Join Teri at one of the workshops below to get in on the ins & outs of running an inclusive, body positive studio and bring body image education into the boudoir.

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What is covered in an everyBODIES workshop?

*marketing to achieve your ideal client and target market
-lighting, posing, and directing to capture your client at their best, regardless of how much clothes they are or are not wearing
-the importance of bringing clients into your studio to create a community around self love & body love
-psychology of body image
-Shooting: It is my intent that we will have 2-3 glorious humans for y’all to shoot and practice with!


Pay In Full
$700 USD

Payment Plan
4 monthly installments of $200 USD




“They were attentive and responsive when we had questions or needed help with posing models.”

The everyBODIES workshop in OKC was my first photography workshop to attend. I gotta say, the standards have been set pretty high! I have been a fan of the work that Teri and Kevin do individually for about a year now, and seeing them team up to teach such a powerful workshop was educational, powerful, vulnerable, and hilarious at times. I walked in to day 1 and saw them wearing matching American flag rompers and felt right at home.

Kevin led some moving discussions about the expectations set on men by our society, and how we can work together with male clients to help them embrace their soft and vulnerable sides. I really enjoyed learning how to capture the male form in a natural way, rather than a posed and overtly sexual way.

Teri’s talks challenged me (in a good way) because she doesn’t accept the bare minimum. For example, she asked a question regarding “why” we all chose boudoir photography, and I answered it truthfully, but she challenged my answer. She wanted more from me than “empowerment” and helping women love their bodies (basically all boudoir photographers feel these things!), and though I still can’t fully articulate in words “WHY” I am pursuing a body positive approach to boudoir photography, Teri’s talks are helping me embrace this question and fully define it for myself and clients.

I loved how hands on Teri and Kevin both were while they took photos and while they directed those that were taking photos. They were attentive and responsive when we had questions or needed help with posing models. I feel that these two greatly compliment each other and would definitely attend another workshop taught by them.

— Danika Dobson

“I would do it all over again + again!”

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Teri in person at a workshop, via one on one mentoring and have purchased her (AMAZING) guides, I would do it all over again + again! Teri is an exceptional human who kicks your ass into gear in the most loving (and hysterical) way possible.”

— Jen Needham

“The soul food talks with Teri (the Teri effect) awoke something in me.”

I had an amazing time at the everyBODIES Workshop OKC, hosted by Teri Ledgerwood and Kevin Lowery. I learned so very much and rode a creative high the entire time. But even more than that, I learned a lot about myself and the why behind my work. The soul food talks with Teri (the Teri effect) awoke something in me. That coupled with a new found respect for the vulnerability captured on camera when shooting with Kevin has absolutely caused a shift in my universe. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity, and I encourage everyone to dive into this when they plan the next one. You may not have the same experience that I did, but the experience you create will be worth so much to you in the end.

Thank you both so much from the depths of my being.

— Leah Brown

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